Turbo SPY Tracker – download best plr quality



Turbo SPY Tracker is a php script that logs the domain names of everyone that “hits” your webpage, where the tracker is installed, hence making it easy for you to know EXACTLY where your web traffic is coming from! Just upload the files, give a title to your tracker, insert 1 line of code in the page you want to track and Turbo SPY Tracker will do the rest…

So why do you need this? Well simple… Here are 2 main reasons:

Reason #1: Simple Solution For Tracking Your Traffic

  • You can easily track your webpages without the need of any other expensive software.
  • Turbo SPY Tracker can also be used for tracking PPC campaigns, hence knowing where clicks come from and the overall cost of a PPC campaign will help you boost your profits and bottom line.

Reason #2: Resale – Master – Private Label Rights Opportunity

It comes with a professional sales letter, thank you page, professional graphics, etc. You can sell Turbo SPY Tracker and keep all the money for yourself.

There’s definitely a LOT of money to be made in selling the software, as every marketer online needs a simple way to track their webpages and the results of their paid and free traffic!