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GOLD MODULE #1: 10 Video Tutorials With PLR
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Video #1: Why Do Some People Age Faster Than Others?
Length: 06:45 min.

Video #2: Avoid Stress and Stay Young
Length: 09:08 min.

Video #3: Stay Young From the Inside Out
Length: 09:01 min.

Video #4: Want to Stay Young? Don’t Retire!
Length: 09:07 min.

Video #5: Learning New Skills Keeps Your Brain Young
Length: 05:09 min.

Video #6: Get Out to Stay More Youthful
Length: 04:49 min.

Video #7: Is Cosmetic Surgery Worth it?
Length: 10:35 min.

Video #8: Keep Active: Keep Young
Length: 04:43 min.

Video #9: Sleep: Nature’s Healer and Rejuvenator
Length: 03:46 min.

Video #10: Good Health = Youthful
Length: 05:56 min.

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